Founder - Lawyer

Polykarpos(Akis) Papadopoulos

Akis(Polykarpos) Papadopoulos is the Founder and Managing Partner of our Firm.

Through his over 21 years of law practice, he has achieved to acquire deep knowledge in every law-related aspect. More specifically his main area of practice is Investment Migration and real estate law, providing specialized advice in every type of real estate or real estate-related transaction. He has supported from private investors to banks and financiers interested in various sectors including commercial property, residential, and retail, industrial and landed estates. 

Akis is the head of our Firma Special Desk for Golden Visa investors and Financially Independent Persons(FIP), supporting clients around the world in order to provide them with these two types of Residency Permits, which are valid as far as the free movement of the persons in the Schengen Area is concerned.

Akis is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Greece and the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece.

He is also legal advisor/partner of the company Consulting Hub

PARTNER - Lawyer


associate - Lawyer



Ioannis Eftychidis

PARTNER - Journalist/Entrepreneur

Ioannis Eftychidis studied Journalism and worked in Greece as a journalist in newspapers (Eleftherotypia, Proti) and in television channel ET3. Since 1996 he resides in Germany.

Since 1988, he is a member of the Journalists’ Union of Macedonia & Thrace Daily Newspapers (ESIEMTH). From 1996 to 2000 he worked as a correspondent of the Macedonian News Agency and ET3 Radio in Germany, based in Bonne.

Since 1999, he is the Editor-Manager of three international media www.ellinikifoni.grwww.iatrikathemata.gr and www.in-gourmet.gr.

Since 2nd of March 2019, he is the coordinator of the organisation Partnering of Greek Expatriates Entrepreneurs (SOE), based in Dusseldorf and Thessaloniki. SOE’s businesses include real estate, tourism, and all kinds of exports from Greece, in cooperation with Greek entrepreneurs and important Diaspora operators.

His personal company deals with realestate, medical and therapeutic tourism, while had also expanded to include the Golden Visa program, which deals with real estate acquisitions in Greece by non-European Union citizens.