Issue a Golden Visa

We have developed a fast and flexible process for our executive clients who
wish to acquire a Golden Visa in Greece.

Preparing for your Application

Get in touch with PolPapLaw Golden Visa desk for an interview and an in-depth case analysis. Our Legal team will provide you with all the necessary information about your case and details regarding our Consultancy agreement.

Acquiring & Financing your Investment

We will tie any loose ends and taking care of the paperwork. Opening a bank account and issuing a temporary Resident Permit is a necessary step to complete the financing part of the project.

Obtaining your Residence Permit

Your Permanent Residency Application is submitted! A residence permit is an authorisation issued by the Ministry of Migration Policy for the legal residence within Greek territory of non-EU/EEA citizens. Return to Athens for additional information and biometric data submission.

You are soon to be granted a Golden Visa