POLPAPLAW Services for Residency Permit in Greece for Financially Independent Persons

Residency in Greece can be acquired in a number of ways. In addition to the Golden Visa policy, Greece has introduced a renewable residency permit for financially independent third-country non E.U nationals , according to article 20 of Greek Law No. 4251/2014.

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Services and Consultant for the Applicants of Residency Permit in Greece specifically as Financially independent person (FIP) are as following:

For the Head of household (Main Person) Including:

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1) Legal and Expertise Affairs

Such as:

  • Expertise, advice and guidance for preparing documents of D Type visa in accordance with the requirements and standards of the consular section.
  • Expertise, advice and guidance for preparing documents of residence application in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Immigration Department.
  • Expertise, advice and guidance for preparing documents of opening a bank account in accordance with the standards of related bank.
  • Sending invitation, obtaining time and necessary coordination to apply for a visa in type D.
  • Schedule meeting time and make necessary coordination for residency request.
  • Submitting an introduction letter and recommendation letter to the bank to opening an account.
  • Submitting an introduction letter and tax representative to tax office and obtaining a tax code.
  • Obtaining Bank appointments and opening an account.
  • Advice and guidance on how to transfer and deposit money into the account.
  • Legal and proxy representation of the case in each of the above steps especially in the immigration department until the result is achieved.

2) Special Services and VIP


  • Airport transfer to Greece.
  • Transfer in all stages and referrals to public and private offices and organizations in Greece such as Immigration Department, Bank and etc.
  • Coordination and preparation of necessary documents, SIM card, photo and etc.

3) Rent of House


  • Arrangement and registration of the contract for the first two years of residence
  • Translation and legalization of all documents required in Greek for the Bank, Tax Office and Immigration Department and etc.
  • Bank Receipt of the payment for the Fee of the Immigration Department
  • Bank Receipt of the Payment for the Fee of Issuing Residence Permit Cards

Family Members Including:

Legal and proxy representation of the case:

  • Follow-up concerning the Immigration Department
  • Follow up for the issuance of the Residence Permit Card and Receiving the RP Card for the Client
  • Translation of documents into Greek

It should be noted that the applicant needs to insure himself and all his family members. The cost will vary depending on the age of the person and the insurance coverage which is at least around € 250 per person and it is payable separately by the applicant.

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